St. Jude Higher Secondary School
Various facilities:
Smart Classes
Computer Lab
Science Lab
Language lab
School buses
School Clubs:
Science club
IT Clubs
Mathematics Club
Social Science Club
Nature Club
Environmental Club
Work Experience Club
Road Safety Club
School Houses:
To encourage academic achievements as well as extracurricular activities through healthy competition the students are divided in to different houses:
Sapphire Blue
Emerald Green
Ruby Red
Citron yellow

Co-curricular Activities:
State and national Competitions
Club Activities
Class library and School library
Writing and Painting Competitions
Festive Celebrations
School Protection team
Scout and Guide
Band Troop
Gardening and Vegetable Cultivation

Sports :
Shuttle Badminton: St. Jude has two indoor courts in its Auditorium. Students who have an aptitude in shuttle badminton are given opportunities to play.
Foot-ball : St. Jude has well maintained football court and students get class wise opportunity to enjoy it.
Basket Ball : Students who are talented in playing basketball are given chance to play