St. Jude Higher Secondary School
1. The regular class time is 9.30 am to 3.35 pm. All students must reach the school well on or before the time. Latecomers will have to get written permission from the Principal to enter into the class room.
2. On reaching the school the students should proceed to their respective class rooms in silence and spend the time for study till the bell goes for prayer/assembly.
3. All should stand still during Prayer and National Anthem, where ever they are.
4. No student is expected to be seen on the verandah or compound, and break the silence during the morning study.
5. The students should keep with them the texts and notebooks required for classes they attend.
6. Permission of the teacher-in-charge is required for going out of the class room during the class day.
7. The students must greet the teachers wherever they meet them for the first time in the day.
8. When a teacher enters the class, the students must keep standing until the teacher asks them to sit down or occupies his/her seat. They shall thank the teacher at the end of the class.
9. Students shall not entertain the teachers with gifts.
10. At the warning bell all must proceed to where it summons them. At the next bell they should keep silence.
11. Absolute silence and perfect order should be maintained by all students while going to the assembly hall, playground, or while returning to classes.
12. Students must come to school in clean, neat and in prescribed uniform and shoes.
13. The school uniform should be strictly in accordance with the pattern prescribed by the school.
14. Students in school uniform are not expected to loiter in the shops and hold birthday party or any treat for friends in the restaurants or any other such places.
15. Get prior permission from the Principal on exceptional situations regarding wearing uniform.
16. All students admitted to the school should wear identity card visibly along with their school uniform.
17. The students should keep with them the texts and note books required for the class they attend. These texts, note books and bag are to be kept neatly and well maintained.
18. Assignments and home works are to be strictly done according to the instructions of the teachers.
19. Students are bound to follow strictly all the norms given time to time by the school authorities regarding online education programs/other programs.
20. A student must have a minimum 85% of attendance for appearing in the examination and for promotion to the higher classes.
21. Those absent for more than a week because of illness must produce a medical certificate. Repeated absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than 14 consecutive days renders the students liable to have his/her name struck off the rolls.
22. The students should get permission from the principal for leaving the school premises, in emergency situations, during school hours. Permission will not be granted unless a duly authorised person coming to take their child.
23. Students will not be permitted to answer telephone calls or attend visitors during the class hours.
24. In normal classes students need prior permission for availing themselves of leave. Leave for two or more than two days can be granted by the Principal only.
25. It is compulsory on the part of students of an active participation in the academic matters as well as co-curricular activities.
26. The school reserves the right to compel the parents to withdraw their children if their progress in studies is unsatisfactory or their attendance is irregular or the conduct is harmful to other students.
27. Students shall obtain their parents’ acknowledgement within three days for entries in the progress report, answer sheets and remarks in the school diary.

28. The progress of the student is evaluated by a regular process of different examinations.
29. Progress reports are issued after every examination.
30. A student should get a minimum of 40% marks in each subjects and at least obtain D grade for all subjects for his/her promotion. Students who are absent from the examination for any reason will not be re-examined.
31. During intervals students are advised not to play inside the classrooms or to run across the corridors or in the auditorium.
32. Always keep to the left while walking along the corridors. Don’t move about in cluster or clubbing together.
33. Don’t drag your feet while walking on the veranda.
34. Running about and screaming in the classroom is strictly prohibited.
35. In the absence of the teacher the class leader assumes responsibility for order and discipline of the class.
36. Do not lean and stamp on the wall.
37. Students are not expected to enter the staff room and any other class rooms unnecessarily or stand in group in front of these. In case of necessity the students can personally meet the teachers at staff room.
38. Maintain the school compound clean and green, and eco-friendly.
39. Show respect to your Principal, teachers, non-teaching staff and elders by greeting them.
40. Always use polite words when you communicate with others.
41. Insulting and abusive expressions are strictly forbidden in the school compound and in the school buses.
42. Don’t dash and hit against others including teachers.
43. No indecent representation shall be made by any student towards any other student in words, letters and gestures or by any other means.
44. Every student is responsible for the safe custody of his/her belongings, and the school will not be responsible for their loss. Ornaments and jewellers of any kind are not allowed in the school.
45. Students should not bring large amount of money to the school.
46. Students shall not cause any loss or damage to the school property by writing or making any mark or sticking posters on the walls or damaging furniture or any other school articles.
47. Students are prohibited from defaming the school, school authorities, staff or students through any media (online/social/printed/verbal, etc.)
48. Intentional causing of loss or damage will be considered a serious misconduct. The loss or damage thus caused shall be made good by the offenders.
49. Unhealthy friendships, immoral actions, insubordination, wilful damage to property, skulking, stealing, malpractice in the examination, tampering with marks, and forgery in any form are grave reason for severe disciplinary action
50. Bringing sweets or cakes, glittering powder, carbohydrate or alcohol contented drinks for celebrating birthdays of students or teachers or on any other occasions in the school is strictly forbidden.
51. Books, magazines, pictures and electronic devices like mobile phone, digital camera, pen drive, CD’s, and any items that are considered objectionable or obscene are strictly prohibited in the school premises.
52. Students shall not use or bring tobacco or its products, alcohol/intoxicating drinks or narcotic substances to the school. It is strictly prohibited in the school premises, and violation in this regard will lead to strict disciplinary action.
53. Outsiders are not permitted to meet any of the staff or students in the school campus without permission of the Principal. Parents/ Guardians can visit their children’s the class teachers or other teachers during lunch break with the permission of the Principal.
54. Students are bound to obey the directions given from time to time, by the Principal, teachers and the authorities.
55. Students who do not abide by the rules and regulations of the school shall be dismissed from the school even during the course of the academic year.

• School fees must be paid regularly and punctually. Fees must be paid in three quarters for the months during which the students name has been carried on in the register even if the student has been absent during these months.
• Parents must keep the fee receipts and produce them as proof of payment if needed.
• Bus charges should be paid in advance.
• School fees should be paid in three instalments as shown on right side: Quarterly fees and bus fees must be paid as per the details are shown on right side:
• Mode of payment: Parents or their child can remit the fees directly in the school at fees counter.

I st Term June - August On or before June
IInd Term September - November On or before September
IIIrd Term December - MarchOn or before December